UPDATED: Local Outages Down to About 1,052

Nearly 90 percent of homes without power in the area have been restored since the height of the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Updated 11 a.m. Thursday: For the latest, click here. 

Updated 10 a.m. Wednesday: The Long Island Power Authority reports that there are still about 1,052 customers without power in the Town of Southampton. A total of 74,326 customers are still without power in Suffolk County and 86,131 in Nassau.

As a nor'easter gets ready to make another heavy impact on the area, the power company said that over 12,000 workers will continue to work around the clock to restore power to its 184,000 customers — not including customers in severely flooded areas, where homes and businesses are unable to receive power.

Updated: Noon, Monday: The Long Island Power Authority is reporting that nearly 90 percent of customers in the area who were without power during the height of the storm have been restored to power.

A LIPA outage map notes that as of about noon on Monday 1,312 customers from Hampton Bays to Remsenburg-Speonk were without power. That is down from just over 9,500 on Tuesday, the day after Sandy hit the shores of New York and New Jersey.

Most of the outages are reported in Hampton Bays, where 647 customers are without power. Nearly 300 have no lights on in Westhampton Beach, and just over 200 in East Quogue.

LIPA has told the public it expects to have 90 percent of its customers restored to power by Wednesday. Just under 250,000 were powerless around noon on Tuesday, down from a high of nearly 950,000.

Updated: 8 a.m. Wednesday: LIPA is working to restore power to the area, however, there are still massive power outages.

According to LIPA there, are about 1,300 without power in Westhampton Beach; 2,185 with no electricity in the Remsenburg/Speonk area and 3,482 have no lights in Hampton Bays. All of Dune Road is reported to have no power and most power has been restored in Quogue.

Updated: 8:28 a.m. Tuesday: Thousands are still without power from Hampton Bays to Remsenburg.

According to LIPA, some 2,067 homes are without power on Dune Road; in East Quogue, 2,765 customers have no power, 1,500 have no electricity in Westhampton Beach; and 3, 218 have no power in Hampton Bays.

Updated 7:30 p.m. Monday: Additional power outages are being reported in Remsenburg, Speonk, and Hampton Bays.

According to LIPA, there are 2,085 without power in Speonk; 80 in Remsenburg and 147 in Hampton Bays in the area of Squiretown.

Updated 5 p.m. Monday: LIPA has issued the following statement regarding outages: "LIPA and National Grid will continue to restore power to the maximum extent possible, keeping in mind that the safety of the public and our workforce is the highest priority. Due to the high sustained wind speeds and localized flooding, overhead line work will be delayed for long periods of time until conditions once again become safe for crews, which based on the current weather forecast will be Tuesday morning. Ground work restoration will continue as conditions allow."

Updated 4 p.m. Monday: Additional power outages are being reported in Westhampton, Westhampton Beach and East Quogue.

According to the Long Island Power Authority, there are some 112 customers without power in East Quogue, 688 in Westhampton and 80 in Westhampton Beach.

Previous: The Long Island Power Authority is reporting multiple outages in Hampton Bays.

Crews have already been assigned to work on an outage that effects some 1,469 customers near Lynn Avenue. Another 1,076 customers are without power North of Sunrise Highway near Canoe Place in Hampton Bays and outages have also been reported near West Tiana.

The Hampton Bays Fire Department at 2 p.m. was called to a report of downed wires on Bittersweet Extension. And at 1:45, the department responded to wires burning and on the ground on Long Lane.

If you have lost power, LIPA asks residents to report it by texting OUT to 695472 (myLIPA) or call 1-800-490-0075.

For more local coverage of Hurricane Sandy, click here.

The Hampton Bays Fire Department


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