You Are What You Eat and You Need A Dark Sky to Sleep

Why are we studying the effects of GM foods now? GMO’s have been fed to humans & animals that we eat for well over a decade. What are the effects of the loss of darkness on our health & well-being?

To watch a groundbreaking video discussing a two year study about genetically modified food and its effects on mammals, a study that has never been done before, click here . The scientists found enormous tumors (many in mammary glands) and other harmful effects (like death) after genetically modified food was fed to animals during the study. The scientists wondered if they were dealing with the effects of the GMO's, or the effects of the herbicides and pesticides that are necessary to grow the food.

But wait- why are they studying this NOW, since this food has been fed to humans and animals (that humans eat) for over a decade in the United States of America?

Do we know if the food we eat is safe? A moratorium on growing GMO's has been approved by most European countries. Almost 50 countries have banned or placed restrictions on GM foods, but not America! What are we waiting for? 

I know- we are waiting for Proposition 37,The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act"  to be passed.

If this act gets passed, it could pave the way for ALL Americans to know if the food we are eating is genetically modified. If California law requires labeling of their food, one would think that manufacturers would label ALL food, not just the food that is shipped to California.

Hey Californians! Vote YES for on Prop 37!

The last blog I wrote (click here) about genetically modified foods referred to the new GM rice being grown in Kansas. This rice has HUMAN GENES in it!

I questioned, if we eat it, are we cannibals? Well are we? How would we know if we are eating rice with human genes in it?  Right now, we don't. Read more about it by clicking here.

New news shows that Chinese scientists are manufacturing genetically modified dairy cows so the cows can produce human breast milk. This new human(?) breast milk is set to hit the markets in three years. Really?? Yes, really. Read more by clicking here.

That's really, really good news for the new genetically modified babies!

Is all this making you a little sick? No worries- the new genetically modified camel milk that is supposed to be used to make 'cheap drugs' will have you feeling better in no time. (Click here for more info)

I wrote this blog because I just received an email from Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology .  He told me about a conference featuring the lead author of the study in the video mentioned above, Dr. Seralini, as well as other GMO experts including Dr. Antoniou, Dr. Huber, and Jeffrey Smith, that is happening this Saturday in Los Angeles.

Click here for information on the conference and please pass this on to your friends and family on the west coast.

I won’t make it out to LA this weekend because I'll be in Montauk watching a FREE screening of The City Dark. It is a documentary about light pollution, including interviews with astronomers, naturalists, biologists, and ornithologists describing the effects of the loss of darkness on our health and well-being. It will be screened for FREE during the Hamptons International Film Festival at the Montauk Movie Theater, located at 3 Edgemere Road in Montauk.

It is followed by a ‘Star Party’ after the fireworks, up at the Montauk County Park. Both events are sponsored by the Montauk Observatory. For more information, go to www.montaukobservatory.com .

You are what you eat and you need a dark sky to sleep!

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Deborah Klughers October 04, 2012 at 05:05 AM
You can view the conference online by going to this website. http://www.seedsofdoubtconference.com/live/ The internet is a wonderful thing....
Rick Hoyt October 05, 2012 at 07:34 AM
Thank you Deborah for the great post ! yes we're being poisoned by Large Agra, which controls the food supply in this country, buy organic Non-GMO Certified -by a Private Certifying Co, I actually have some hope that California will come Through on this ! This would be a game changer for the entire country.People are starting to realize what really is going on, primarily through the internet, the People's Media.I Strongly encourage enrolling in the wellness foundation - fitness challenge, it will open your eyes, Doug is one of the most dedicated, caring, inspirational people I have ever met.Nutrition is the key to happiness.I was stationed in New Mexico in the late 70's, Mindblowing Starscapes in the Middle of the desert where I camped.Best Wishes !
Jaguar-Guy October 05, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Hello, my name is bread.


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