What Our Readers Think: Dollar Tree Opening in Hampton Bays

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of another dollar store opening in the hamlet.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
The Dollar Tree has announced that it is moving into a vacant storefront next to Wild By Nature in the Tiana Shopping Center, which has seen a lot of changes over recent months with the opening of Moe's and closing of the 30-year-old Hallmark Store. 

Patch readers had a lot to say about the opening of another dollar store in town. The following is a round-up of their comments. Please feel free to keep the conversation going by adding your thoughts to the comment section below. 

jksGood, this will give another local dollar store some much needed competition.

Tom SmithI agree, more competition is needed to get prices in line out east. Gas prices next!!

TaxpayerLittle by little it will look like Shirley. 

A Lifetime Local trying to make a livingI am very sorry to hear that-it just makes it that much harder for us local small businesses to keep going. Competing with the franchise prices is impossible if we want to stay living and working here. Oh well, I am powerless I guess.

BeachGal12BTW you want to know what I think of it.....another junk store created for a society that has become NOTHING but disposable.

marysartsygirlFormer Nassau County resident: here comes the tide of cheap junk chains that crept into western LI creeping out east. what's next a payless shoes?

JEN PHILLIPSI am excited for this. Finally a decent dollar store! And I don't have to go to Patchogue or Shirley!!! Sorry people and I truly don't care how anyone else feels. Get over it. Its not about being a snob or staying with local businesses. Its about living within your means. If that means going to the Dollar Tree to buy basics then so be it. Some people can't affordto shop small businesses all the time.

dougah..good old mastic- shirley...i mean hampton bays

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Tatiana Pulla January 30, 2014 at 10:56 AM
I agree, I dont want hampton bays to become riverhead or Shirley but i dont think the huge stop and shop and mcdonalds help the situation, atleast this dollar store has taken a small corner and not cut down trees and taken a space of its own. Plus its far away from town. If it was right next to liggets I'd join the protest.


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