Waldbaums On Foul Meat Accusations: I'll Get Back To You

Spokeswoman says her company takes feedback seriously.

The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc., the parent company of Waldbaum's has responded to accusations that the meat at its Westhampton Beach location is foul.

In a statement, spokeswoman Marcy Connor wrote, "We take all of our customers feedback seriously and will be looking into this issue."

The issue was brought up in a blog posted over the weekend by Westhampton Beach resident Joy Sopitz, who attested that she recently purchased meat at the village's only supermarket and it was rotten.

Since then, other village residents have lashed out at the store, saying that they too have purchased bad meat and not only is the store's meat department inadequate, the rest of the store is as well.

Others stated that they stopped shopping at the store years ago and wrote that they would like to see the Village of Westhampton Beach explore options to allow other supermarkets to open in the area, possibly even one proposed by developer Andrew Mendelson.

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The issue is a not a new one. In April 2009, The Independent reported that a group called Shame on You Waldbaum's, kicked off an effort to fix the issue and held a meeting at Village Hall. At the time, the publication reported that the residents were told that the issue would be remedied with a new refrigeration unit and that an expansion of the store was planned for February 2010.

That expansion, however, never came to fruition and Connor did not respond to questions asking if the expansion is still on the table or if the store's refrigeration unit had ever been replaced.

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BOB CHAMBERS January 20, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Been shopping at Walbaums (A&P) for many years in the NYC and WHB... While I'm no fan of A&P (love Publix in Fl.) and concur with many of the comments submitted, I suggest that the attack on the meat department is way overstated and rather spiteful... Yes the supermarket is rundown and needs a overhaul like wider aisles and accessible restrooms, beyond that, I have no complaints about the meat department... the meat is fresh, tasty and the price is right... Further, nearly expired products always have a manager's discount for quick sale or removed from the case... Now we know that a property developer is fighting "tooth and nail" for approval of another supermarket site... Frankly, I think the disparaging comments are promoted by Mr. Mendelson's supporters and not fair (another four letter word) to residents of WHB and customers of Walbaums... There are lots of issues involved in support of another supermarket in the area like the demographic profile of the population (seasonal), zoning issues and conformance to the town's Master Plan for use of property under it's control... Also, Mr. Mendelson is a property developer and depending on how a variance is written, the developed property could be rented out for a use different than anticipated... It gets pretty complicated after that... Perhaps, we should
Donna Monti January 22, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Why has no one contacted the board of health to look into these complaints?
Doug Hentley February 09, 2013 at 03:39 AM
Because the claims are unfounded and there is no merit to the accusations. Waldbaum's and The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) actually provide great meat as well as other groceries. Their Own Brand products are some of the best. In addition, the pricing in all A&P Stores have become much more reasonable in recent years.
Ralebird February 09, 2013 at 05:33 AM
Okay, Mr. Hentley, please tell us why so many people, including myself, have reported cases of buying meat products there only to find they were outdated and spoiled on getting home. I have absolutely no connection except as a patron with any food supply business, wholesale or retail and have no relationship with the man proposing a competitive store or any other commercial real estate endeavor. Do you really suppose I simply made up my story of buying spoiled, outdated meat and being unable to get a refund at Waldbaums in WHB because I'm in training to write the next great American novel? Why do you think that A&P has failed to report back on their investigation? Can you tell us about what put them in bankruptcy two years ago and what has changed since then if you're such an expert on their operations?
Donna Monti February 10, 2013 at 11:19 AM
If the store has even one complaint of the store selling old or out dated meat, the board of health should be contacted. Then there would be a viable complaint. It is not unfounded if people are complaining, and the store should honor its return policy as long as a receipt is available.


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