UPDATE: Good General Store to Open in Westhampton Beach

141 Main Street will open in May.

Update: This store will open on May 26.

With at least on Main Street before the upcoming season, one Westhampton Beach resident has decided to take his chances and open a new business, called, Good Westhampton.

The business, which is modeled as a general store, will officially open it's doors at 141 Main Street in May, according to owner Bruce Jackey.

Jackey said the new store has a focus on family and will feature, items like children's clothing, toys, kitchen goods, candles and candy.

But, he said, they won't be the run-of-the -mill type products.  Jackey says he and his wife, Susan, who works in the retail and design industry, are seeking out unique products that are mostly produced in the United States and Europe.

"We are trying to shy away from Chinese products produced in factories," said Jackey.  "We want to support American products."

Living in the community for the past 13 years, Jackey said he and Susan, have always wanted to open a business on Main Street and have been tossing ideas on the type of business they wanted to open for sometime.

At one point, Jackey said they thought to open a restaurant/store in the location.

"We had more grandiose plans, but with restrictions from the county, we had to cut the concept back," he said.

Jackey says he hopes his new business, once it opens, will help to create a renewed buzz in Westhampton Beach.

"We are trying to make our village more of a center of attraction with a walkable Main Street and great shops," he said.

Jackey, who has worked in insurance and has a law degree, believes that despite the recession, people will still flock to Westhampton Beach.

"People are still shopping and looking for nice, unique products that they can find through the experience of shopping as opposed to buying online," Jackey said. "We think there is a demand to keep us afloat for a while.


Judith Honig August 06, 2012 at 12:01 PM
I visited this store, Good Westhampton yesterday during a visit to Westhampton. I have to say I think it was my favorite store in all the Hamptons on this particular trip. The store is adorable. I had to choose ever so carefully what I actually wanted to buy because I wanted EVERYTHING!! The items are varied so there is something for evryone. I love the gerneral store feeling and the fact that the merchandise is from the United States. I have begun to resent that so many items Americans are buying are from China so I support the American made ideal. Susan and Bruce have done a great job!! I'm from New Jersey but I will be going back to shop at GOOD. Thanks for a lovely shopping experience. Judy H. peonyjrlh@aol.com


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