In Quogue, Slowness Becomes a Slogan

Starting Friday, a Quogue shop will be selling 25-mile-an-hour T-shirts.

Every Quogue local knows that if you're caught going over the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit, you are more than likely to wind up with a ticket.  It has become a joke among locals that will now come in the form of a slogan on shirts that will be sold at the , starting this Friday.

"People really laugh at our speed limit and if you go a little above it, Quogue's finest will stop you," said , owner.

Fontana says she has the utmost respect for the Quogue Village Police, but can't help poking just a little bit of fun at the speed limit.

"You're chugging along Montauk Highway at 40 miles and hour and when you turn on to Quogue Street, you have to hit your brakes and crawl at 25 miles per hour," she said.

Fontana said she can't take full-credit for the T-shirts — the idea was actually brought to her by resident Eileen Duffy.

"She is the artist behind the shirt," said Fontana.

As designed by Duffy, the shirts will have the village's name on the front and on the back a graphic that looks like the street signs with the speed limit.

"I think it will be hysterical for people walking and biking to be wearing shirts that say 25 miles per hour," said Fontana.

Duffy says the shirts will also serve as a reminder to motorists to slow down, people are walking and biking.

The shirts, which will be sold for $25 for long-sleeve and $22 for short sleeve, will join the other Quogue-slogan goods at the Lily Pad, which sells everything from Quogue wine glasses, to hats, hoodies, mugs, water bottles, dog scarves and Q stickers.

Fontana says she believes the shirts will be another great hook for her store, which she says has become very popular since she opened three years ago.

Aside from selling Quogue goods, the shop also offers consignment during the winter months — a creative way, Fontana says to keep the shop open all year-long.

The Lily Pad and Quogue Shop is open seven days a week, including holidays. For more information, .

Kara Billingham, Owner - The Yoga House April 04, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Cute ideas. :) Will put on FB.
Ralebird April 05, 2012 at 04:53 AM
Are the hoodies sold with a warning label?


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