New Business: Hurricane Chiropractic Aims to Educate

Dr. Joe Labbadia has opened a practice at 1 Montauk Highway, Westhampton.

Wanting to eventually move his family to Westhampton beach, Dr. Joe Labbadia, of Patchogue, has moved his Calverton-based chiropractic office to Westhampton and re-named it .

Dr. Labbadia, a father of three, officially opened his new office at 1 Montauk Highway in January and said so far he has received a welcome reception.

"It's like a new birth," he said.

Dr. Labbadia said his goal for his new location is to not only build up his clientele, but also educate the public on chiropractic sciences.

"It is something I have always believed in," said Dr. Labbadia, who found his calling as a chiropractor while volunteering at a chiropractic office that he father went to. 

"I realized that this was something I wanted to do," he said.

Labbadia soon graduated from New York Chiropractic College and went on to work at several practices before opening one of his own.  He has been a practicing chiropractor for the past 14 years.

Dr. Labbadia urges everyone to see a chiropractor at some point for their well-being, saying that it helps in the self-healing process for both physical and emotional stress.

He says he has seen first-hand the positive results and recalled a story of a client with Turrets Syndrome.  After examining an eight-year-old, who had a traumatic birth and who was diagnosed with Turrets at the age of 5, Dr. Labbadia said he found that the child had a few bones that not sitting in the right spot.  After four adjustments, he was perfectly normal.

While Dr. Lobbadia said chiropractic science is not exact, he differentiates himself from other chiropractors saying that he offers computerized screenings to all all his clients at no extra charge.

The five-minute screening, he says, helps him to pin-point problem areas using infrared cameras.

"It is part of my duty to educate and show people what is going on and get them well," he said. "It helps patients understand why they are coming in."

Dr. Lobbadia is also working to write a book that will help further educate his clients and the public about the benefits of going to a chiropractor, such as a better balanced nervous system.

Adding to the healing process, Dr. Lobbadia's office also offers massage therapy.

For more information, on Dr. Lobbadia's practice,



Michael February 19, 2012 at 12:04 AM
You will hear more about this Doctor as he is by far the best chiropractor out there. He is years ahead of the others in terms of knowledge and technology. I highly recommend Dr. Labbadia. M.B. (Boca Raton, FL)


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