One Year After Irene, What Have You Learned, What Do You Remember?

Storm toppled trees, ripped apart beaches and left people without power for days.

It's been one year since Hurricane Irene made landfall on Long Island, uprooting trees, toppling power lines, flooding low-lying areas, eroding beaches and leaving locals without power for days.

Since then, the for its handling of the storm damage, specifically the time it took to restore power. The utility did in July to try and work on its communication flow with municipalities and the public. LIPA has said it spent $176 million on Irene response.

At the same time, many beaches severely damaged from the storm took months to restore.

Drill down to the personal level, and the effects of the storm become much more varied, from how people coped with not having power at home and how businesses struggled with lost revenue to the tales of property locals lost or saw damaged from the high winds.

Take a moment and share those stories with us. What do you remember most about Irene, and what have you learned since? Are you ready for another hurricane?


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