What Our Readers Think: Sale of Neptunes to Southampton Town

Most say the town should not buy the club.

The popular summer club, Neptunes could be sold to the Town of Southampton if a deal between the owners and the town goes through, but before that happens, the public is being asked for their opinion. 

On Oct. 8 at 1 p.m. at town hall a public hearing on the proposed sale will be held and already community members are talking both is support and against the sale. 

The following is a round-up of comments posted by Patch readers on Patch and on Patch's Facebook page after Patch asked them if the town should buy the location. Feel free to keep the conversation going by posting your thoughts in the comment section below. 

cbg "NO! It's been there for years let it stay there. There is not enough places to go in the area. There is enough preserved land there."

Victoria Kingwell "The Town already bought Summers. Now the taxpayers own a terrific catering location that, by Town code, cannot serve alcohol of any kind. In my opinion that really cripples a catering location - even family picnics usually have a few beers served, and it costs quite a bit to rent the place. Really - a venue with a good kitchen, plenty of bathrooms, a stage for the band, lots of space for tables - - and no alcohol  I'm not much of a drinker, but I DO expect to have a glass of wine at a major party."

Ralebird: "How has the Town purchasing Sandbar, Hot Dog Beach, Drift Inn and Summer's worked out? Has it brought revitalization and prosperity to Hampton Bays and East Quogue, as promised? Far from it. Removing all these places where people used to socialize has removed the reason for them, and their money, to patronize every other business in town. Has the tipping point been reached; are there more occupied or vacant stores in Hampton Bays?"

BrianG: "Removing Neptunes will be another reason for people not to visit Southampton and spend money with local businesses. The town should be promoting new businesses not eliminating them. For a "beach" community there is a severe lack of on the water eating and entertaining establishments. This is NOT a good use of tax payer funds!"

HBguy: "Go ahead pull another property from the tax roles and do NOTHING with it. Summers? Really? How's that working out for you, I would bet if the place had to pay it's own property tax based on parties booked it couldn't. Don't let them kid you the town wants to buy these places to remove the headache that comes along with them, but at the end of the day the only people who will suffer are the local residents who will be paying higher taxes and have less seasonal income flowing into our town. The iconic Boardy Barn is next if they get their way, maybe when little Johhny gets sick and needs a fund raiser to help pay for his medical expenses the town will let you do it at town hall? Or maybe Macy's will? Sure our town is changing, but pretty soon there will be no influx of outside money brought in and no old time benefactors left. The choice is yours."

CLIFF  "If the C.P.F. keeps taking property off the tax rolls than the C.P.F. should be covering the taxes that are lost. Plus most of this property is now a park area so more payroll to Parks & Recreation. I know that there is problems at Neptune's, but where are young people to go. In the winter my daughter and her friends have to drive to Patchogue to out. In the summer all that is really left is The Drift Inn at Neptune's. I am not a drinker and not saying it should be bars and night clubs on every corner but where are young people to go. Here goes another one. Casey's, CPI, Marrakesh, The Night Club, Foggy Goggle, Mad Hatter (or whatever it was called in it's later life) plus many smaller hangouts, all gone. You can't support a resort community with out any resorts."

Subi Chockalinga: "I think, if they buy it they will most likely level it like the other properties that we've seen disappear on dune road, and in the township. There are VERY few bars and places left around here and honestly, I think it's sad to see them phase out because as many others have said "there's nothing really left around here", but hey, it's just one persons thoughts."

Donald Griffin: "No. The town needs to maintain what it has....Bathrooms at Elliston Park; the ocean front on Dune Road which we hoped would be a campground, and the pool that was suppose to be built on Mill Road in Westhampton. The town has so much property but no money to develop it to receive any tax money back on it.....Makes no sense."

Bonnie Salivar Loetscher: "No!!!! Lets keep it on the tax rolls and let the younger generation experience what we had!!!!!"

Cecelia Collins Sheridan: "No! Leave Neptunes alone so non-residents can come to our beaches and not have to pay out of town fees.....they keep it nice and serve good food during the week!"

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Joanne Dinardo September 26, 2013 at 12:14 PM
One more place gone....even though they are a pain in the neck and require police presence etc. these places bring money to the town. The 20 - 30 somethings are going to the Jersey Shore. Southampton is clueless about what a town needs to survive...Do we REALLY need ANOTHER preserved area that ends up being a big zero? I am all for keeping our shoreline and beaches pristine...but how will you pay to maintain these places? Certainly not from the revenue from an empty park bench....The Community Preservation Fund should PRESERVE the entire community...spend some of those millions on making Hampton Bays as pretty as Southampton ...why is it only used to buy land and then devalue it???


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