Southampton Justices Recuse Themselves from Diner Case

Newsday reports that four judges did not provide a reason for their respective recusals.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
A hearing on a near 8-year-old criminal case involving code violations at the Hampton Bays Diner and a $25 million civil suit filed by owner Frank Vlahadamis has been stymied after four judges recused themselves from hearing the case.

According to a report on Newsday, the decision by judges, who are not named, was made public in a document filed in relation to Vlahadamis ' civil suit, which claims that the "town directed the police department, fire marshal and code enforcement to conduct a series of raids and operations in calculated efforts to trump up false violations."

It is a similar claim that Vlahadamis has made about the Hampton Bays-based Dream Night Club, which he has also owned.

The troubled club was the scene of an unsolved murder in October 2010 and over the years, the police have been at the location with reports of fights, drugs and underage drinking.

Vlahadamis has blamed the police activity at the club on retaliation.

In the case involving the diner, the town is claiming that Vlahadamis violated town codes when he hosted Hispanic nights in 2005, essentially turning the diner into a nightclub.

To read the full report on Newsday, click here.


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