Roundup: Stuff People in the Hamptons Say

Patch readers have fun listing phrases often heard in the Hamptons.

On Friday to contribute to a list of "Stuff People in the Hamptons Say," along the lines of the Internet meme "S--- Girls Say," and we received more than 50 comments.

We asked for "stuff" that locals, seasonal residents or visitors can be heard saying on Hamptons sidewalks and beaches. Some sayings everyone will get a kick out of, while others may only make sense to locals.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some of the best replies:

• Are you local?
• Are you a full timer?
• Summer People, and some are people.
• Can't walk there, Plovers.
• Plover Police!
• When are the Fourth of July fireworks this year?
• Why are there no fast food places?
• If you do not drive in the City what makes you think you should drive out here.
• Are you a Bonacker?
• Are you open year round?
• Ughhhh... I have to go to Riverhead?
• They're cidiots (city-idiots).
• They're UTI's (up the island, for Nassau and western Suffolk visitors).
• Citidiots will run 5 miles every morning yet they won't walk an extra 50 feet to park in a regular space!
• Amagansett has a new 12 step program....from the Tavern to the Talkhouse.
• Everybody knows about the back roads now.
• It only has a winter water view.
• I heard what passes for 'bonac foreplay' is checking each other for ticks.
• $40 for a lobster roll?
• I'm a real estate broker.
• I'm an interior designer.
• Can you recommend a cleaning lady?"
• I need to go Up Island this week
• What is there to DO in the winter here?
• We pay YOU PEOPLE all of these property taxes, but the roads are still horrible and they keep busting the rims on our Mercedes!
• Don't let that stop sign (red light, crosswalk, etc.) interfere with your sense of entitlement.
• Yes, yes Bub!
• No, where do you really live?
• Is it south of the highway?
• Q: Have you lived out here your whole life? A: Not Yet.
• Sometimes I want to blow up the bridge over the Shinnecock Canal.
• Parking in no parking or handicapped zone and saying "Oh, I'm only gonna be a minute."
• In Montauk and the person says, "I've never been in Amagansett."
• The artists say, "It's the light."

Have something to add? Please leave a comment below.

And if you're really into this Internet meme, let us know if you'd be interested in Patch making a video — and if you want to be in it!

Soozy's Film and Entertainment Blog January 25, 2012 at 06:40 PM
From anyone who has never been to the Hamptons: "So, do you live next door to (and party with) JayZ and Jennifer Lopez?"
Annie Mayme Alfstad January 25, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Stuff citidiots say: Have you ever been to a white party? Have you ever seen anybody famous? Stuff locals say: But It's all the way in Southampton... I'm not going there it's too crowded now... Just got off early, I'm getting a BBC!
Samantha Paitakis January 26, 2012 at 05:19 AM
$40 for a Lobster roll??? .... Hilarious!! :-)
turtle84@optonline.net January 26, 2012 at 05:29 AM
I go to ROGERS.
tom January 28, 2012 at 03:23 PM
"Why can't these people do their grocery shopping during the week when we're not out here."


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