Pine Barrens Fire Suppression Wells Approved

April's wildfires prompted action.

Weeks after e, the Suffolk County legislature has approved a resolution authorizing the installation of fire suppression wells in the area.

The resolution, sponsored by Suffolk County Legislator Ed Romaine, green lights the drilling of fire suppression wells on county parkland in the Pine Barrens.

The measure was prompted by the April wildfires, when access to water was limited due to scarcity of hydrants.

Suffolk County’s well drilling unit can install wells up to eight inches in diameter, each of which can produce 400 gallons per minutes. The unit would be able to drop wells quickly during a fire situation -- and, Romaine said, the installation of two six-inch diameter wells, less than 100 feet apart, is possible in a single day.

The wells would could provide water to areas that under immediate threat, and greatly reduce reponse times, Romaine said.

John Pine June 07, 2012 at 02:56 AM
I wonder how much land clearing this will cause? Fire is a natural part of the Pine Barrens ecosystem, the problem is we built in the middle of it.


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