Dead Sea Turtle Washes Up at Cupsogue

The Riverhead Foundation said the 6-foot sea turtle most likely died from blunt force trauma.

Credit: Laura Carr
Credit: Laura Carr
A 6-foot, male sea turtle has washed up at Cupsogue Beach.

According to Kim Durham, of the Riverhead Foundation, the 700-800 pound sea turtle, washed ashore on Sept. 30 after first washing up in Westhampton Dunes a day earlier, but was dragged back into the ocean by the tide.

Durham said the foundation has reached out to Suffolk County Parks to secure a disposal plan, but have been told that the county can't assist at this time.

Usually, she said, the parks department will bury the dead animal on site. 

The Riverhead Foundation said it can't perform a necropsy examination, which will help determine the cause of death, until a disposal plan is in place.

Until that time, the carcass, she said, will continue to decompose.

At first glance, Durham said, it appears that the sea turtle most likely died from blunt force trauma.

"There is suspect discoloring to the carapace which is consistent with blunt force trauma," she said.


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