Hypnosis for Weight Loss

. . the underpinnings and effectiveness of any long-term solution will be – Eat Real Food, Exercise and Drink Plenty of Water.

There are countless products, programs, gimmicks and gadgets that promise weight loss. Irrespective of what you have chosen in the past, using today or will choose in the future, the underpinnings and effectiveness of any long-term solution will be – Eat Real Food, Exercise and Drink Plenty of Water.

Hypnosis, quite simply reinforces the aforementioned trio. And through hypnosis the process can be reinforced as much as the event of attaining and maintaining desired weight permanently. Throughout the process reinforcing - progress not perfection. There is a high probability that throughout the process there may be periods that which the individual reaches a plateau, rebounds or relapses. All too many times during these times individuals view themselves or the program as a failure. I therefore suggest strongly that from this point forward replace the word failure with feedback. When one reaches a plateau it is a temporary part of the process, it is in most cases not only expected but inevitable. Just as if there is a situation of rebound or relapse this is the time to reevaluate both the exercise program and nutritional regimen.

Keep a daily food and exercise log. I recommend going old school – purchase a small notepad and a green and red highlighter. At the end of each day review the food log and highlight in green that which was eaten for nutritional purposes and in red highlight that which was eaten for emotional purposes. The importance of identifying emotional versus nutritional eating cannot be understated. Do this on a daily basis and I guarantee in a relatively short period of time you will notice more green highlights than red highlights. As you review your exercise log if you feel that you have satisfactorily met the days requirement, highlight that entry in green. If you feel that you have not met that requirement, highlight that entry in red. If there is no entry to highlight that day indicate that by drawing one solid red line.

At the end of a group or individual session the participant is given a reinforcement audio program. Daily reinforcement of the audio program is also a significant component of the successful outcome. People that do the best with my programs are the ones that have followed the suggestion of daily reinforcement of the audio program for the first 30 days and then intermittently once a week or once every other week thereafter.

Also limiting the amount of calories one drinks can significantly speed up the process. Replacing water for other beverages will make a dramatic difference. Also supplementing daily with enzymes and probiotics will help with significant success.

It is also important to identify that a weight loss issue may be the result of a physiological condition such as improper thyroid function, blood sugar and other issues. It is therefore prudent and required that an individual have a recent physical addressing such issues. After those issues are addressed or ruled out hypnosis can be of significant and ongoing success supported by belief, desire and expectation.

For more information please call 631-288-4794. To experience the state of hypnosis please visit www.TheBeachHypnotist.com and download a free program for yourself. Group hypnosis is conducted every third Tuesday at Southampton Hospital at the Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute and on the second Tuesday of every month at my Westhampton Beach office.

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